Images from the on-stage premiere at The Luminescent Moon Theater Company in Massillon, OH.

Directed by Leah Ammond and starring Catalina Gonzalez, Brooke Wolfarth, Adelynn O'Briskie, Claire Grisak, Christina Rice, Max Yoak, Lucy Kessel Hunter, Luke Brawley, and Cindy Crock.

Thank you to the fantastic cast featured in the above videos:

Martine Mitchell (Marty): Samantha Autumn  

Jennifer Baker (Jenny): Clara Edleman  

Juniper Baker (Junie): Erin Lambertson  

Colette King: Jordyn Freetage  

Judy O'Reilly: Sarah Kate Barton  

Bobby Mitchell: Ethan Underhill  

Jimmy Brown: Ian Dolley  

Mrs. Mitchell: Addie Skillman  

Ray King: Devin Landis 


Ensemble: S. S. Blanco, Grace DeMilio, Addie Skillman